Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garden Structure

"How beautiful it is when the garden becomes clear again; when no leaves blur the long straight line or gentle curve, or the restful circle laid on the square; when levels are sharply defined, and intervals between steps have the rhythm of falling water...
Gardens in Winter
Elizabeth Lawrence

After coming across some old photos of the garden during Elizabeth Lawrence's tenure, we realized how much the stone walls and accent piers had deteriorated. Since the structure of this garden is such an integral piece, we decided to refurbish the accent walls, to clear "the restful circle laid on the square." It has been exciting to watch the stone masons make this transition, one that will improve the garden all the more. The first picture is a 'before' and the other two are 'after.' I look forward to enhancing the walls with perennial plantings during April.

Later this week I will publish some exciting flowers that are coming out in our first week of spring. Until then, enjoy the wonderful weather.

Katie Mullen
2009 Marco Polo Stufano Fellow

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