Saturday, April 03, 2010

Elizabeth Lawrence's Gate

"This is the gate to my garden. I invite you to enter in; not only into my garden, but into the world of gardens - a world as old as the history of man, and as new as the latest contribution of science; a world of mystery, adventure and romance; a world of poetry and philosophy; a world of beauty; and a world of work."
Elizabeth Lawrence
The Charlotte Observer, August 11, 1957

Being a focal point to the garden, we recently had the gate refurbished and today it was returned to the garden. Over the years, the top scroll had disappeared and we thought it was important to bring it back. One of Lawrence's iconic picture is of her inviting people through the gate. I'm excited to have it back and hope you'll come see it too.

Enjoy the weather!

Katie Mullen
2009 Marco Polo Stufano Fellow

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