Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adonis amurensis

"Adonis amurensis is a very difficult plant to get into one's possession. Sought out and ordered at last, it did not come until May, and the weak growth soon died away. I thought I had seen the last of it. But the lovely, lacy leaves began to unfurl the following February, and among them was a flower the color of buttercup and with a buttercup's sheen."
Elizabeth Lawrence
A Southern Garden

Just recently I came upon the returning Adonis amurensis, which truly is one of the best gems in the Lawrence Garden. Today, it is still difficult to find in the trade, making it all the more precious. I will certainly post other pictures as it progresses. Many other bulbs are starting to progress and I look forward to them with much anticipation as well.

Our Hamamelis 'Jelena' is still providing wonderful color, as is the Prunus mume. Crocus are popping out everywhere and so are the Hellebore. While the garden is going through a tough transistion, there are still wonderful things to see, even in February!

More pictures soon,

Katie Mullen

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  1. Katie, Thank you for walking Elizabeth's garden with me. It's magic.

    You are her kindred spirit. I know she would be so pleased you are the gardener in the place she loved dearly.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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