Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hemerocallis sp.

"In early summer southern gardens come into a glory that has come to them only in recent years with the development of the day-lily. It is seldom that the perennial of the day proves the perennial of all others for the South, but this is one that thrives in all climates. We are particulary fortunate in a long season that allows for a second, and even a third crop of flowers from some of the persisitent bloomers. These tall hybrids begin to bloom late in May. By the middle of July they are on the wane. In my garden they are gone by the first of August. The flowers range in color from the palest canary, through peach and apricot, deep yellow and orage, to rich reds."

Elizabeth Lawrence
A Southern Garden

I am constantly amazed by the Hemerocallis in this garden. While I don't know all the cultivars, there is one in the garden that reaches over 5'. It seems taller cultivars are harder to find in today's industry, but some heavier research may hopefully prove my thought wrong. I counted the stalks on this particular daylily and there are seventeen! In another of Elizabeth Lawrence's writings she notes of one daylily with thirty-two! The daylily is definitely a southern favorite.

Other items in flower in the garden include Crinum, Salvia, Phlox, Gloriosa Lily, Kalameris, and Rain Lily, to name a few. Come see this wonderful garden in summer color, before the heat fades our flowers!


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