Saturday, July 24, 2010

"[Cyclamen] neapolitanum is a fall-flowering species, but I have had bloom as early as the Fourth of July. Last year the first flower came at the end of August, and buds continued to appear until early December, in spite of a series of hard frosts that put an end to all other flowers except Chinese violets. The first flowers come before the leaves, resting as lightly as butterflies on their short, stiff stems and looking as if they had settled but for a moment between flights... The common form is very pale with the faintest shimmer of lilac, and at the mouth are even marks of magenta rose, two to a petal."

Elizabeth Lawrence
The Little Bulbs

A visitor last week pointed out that a lone Cylcamen flower had come up and I had missed it in my usual hurry through the garden. Even more enjoyable, the visitor had a lovely english accent and pronounced cyclamen with two short 'i' sounds, like 'siklamin'. She went on to reminisce about her family's gardens and it made me wonder how many people come to the Lawrence garden and recollect previous garden experiences? I often hear about "Grandmother's garden..." when visitors are in the garden. Are our children and grandchildren going to remember our gardens when they are older? We are fortunate to be able to relive Lawrence's garden experience in her books and garden, and reminiscing about little plants such as the Cyclamen.

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Katie Mullen

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