Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Warmth of January in the Garden

The first Galanthus elwesii of the season

"Sometimes, in January, I find something new in bloom every time I go into the garden; even when there is no new flower, I find a tender leaf of hope."
Elizabeth Lawrence
Gardens in Winter
Happy winter greetings!  I am thrilled to be Wing Haven’s new Lawrence Garden Associate.  Having known this garden for many years, I never truly took the time to visit with it as I do now.  This is a most intimate garden.  I am humbled by the mastery and success of the garden's design.  Elizabeth Lawrence was so ahead of her time in her plant collections and trials; many plants she grew here sixty years ago are still rare in the trade!  Part of what we hope to accomplish here is propagation of many of these special plants, as well as trialing new plants from around the world, to continue Elizabeth’s philosophy of using the garden as a laboratory.  I so look forward to sharing  with you everything we learn along the way.
Each winter day that I am here in the Lawrence garden, I find myself searching, almost feverishly, for some delightful discovery; spotting a fresh tiny bloom of Galanthus elwesii (snowdrops), catching the intoxicating fragrance of the Chimonanthus praecox (winter-sweet), or perhaps unearthing a stone laid decades ago by Miss Lawrence.  With each discovery, I get a rush of excitement and wonder.  Even on the harshest days, when the crisp winter winds whip through several layers of clothing, and my hands and feet are so chilled they are almost numb, my heart is filled with the warm joy of uncovering the many secrets this garden tirelessly gives.  
Come discover for yourself the magic that is Wing Haven Gardens!  Visit our website for all the information about our fantastic Winter Lecture Series, with classes starting next week and continuing through the end of March.
Happy Gardening!
Andrea Sprott


  1. Love starting with an E. Lawrence quote and a photograph! It opens the door for entering the garden with you.

  2. I enjoyed a walk today in the garden and I could just fell that things were about to happen. The garden is so empty felling now if you think about the look of it in summer, but as elizabeth laurance said her garden year started just after Christmas. and to see the little bulbs poping up is a thrill.

  3. crocus are blooming along the edge of the bed out front of the house. many bulbs little green tips are pushing up out of the earth. flowers are a lot slower this year becouse its been so cold so long.we are going to be happy as can be for spring this year.


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