Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Osmanthus fragrans is blooming!

"There are a number of fine evergreens that flower in the mid-south in winter, but the sweet Olive, Osmanthus fragrans, is outstanding. This is a very large but slow-growing shrub that should be planted only where there is space for it to develop to its full size... The sweet olive begins to bloom in September, and from then on through the winter the small white flowers perfume the air on warm days."
—Elizabeth Lawrence
A Garden of One's Own

Early today as I raced through the garden, I was stopped by the wonderful fragrance of the Osmanthus fragrans, Fragrant Tea Olive, that Elizabeth Lawrence planted many years ago. It is a sign that fall is on the way and a refreshing scent that truly stops you in your tracks. I am anxious for the other signs of fall - here in the garden, Aster tataricus, is preparing to bloom and yellow sparks are in full glory on the Goldenrod. The Camellia sinensis, commonly known as Tea, has also started to flower right by the front door! It is exciting to be enjoying so many of Elizabeth Lawrence's plants today that were planted so many years ago.

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